December 14, 2010

Unfinished business

Nelson vs. Matignon

I enjoyed some Worlds coverage this past weekend. The top 8 broadcast entertained (despite the overwhelming Jace-iness) as I'd gladly listen to Rich Hagon and Brian David-Marshall narrate a slow day of ice fishing. It was satisfying to see Grave Titan finally claim its obvious place of dominance, dropping meat all over the field.

And then there was all the Player of the Year excitement. Go read the mothership coverage if you want the details but basically Guillaume Matignon's win tied him with Brad Nelson in the standings. The tie will be broken by a single match between them at Pro Tour Paris. Almost three months to plan for and promote a single match! Wizards should be talking to Michael Buffer.

UPDATE: You can now get this design on a shirt. Check it out.

December 02, 2010

Get in the vat.

Get in the vat.
Mimic Vat (original card art by Matt Cavotta here)

Not entirely sure where this image came from. I guess I have a habit of re-casting cards as elements of a wacky teenage comedy. Or maybe I was thinking of Phil Foglio's Ice Age jacuzzi Sulfurous Springs? This much is certain: I drafted a Mimic Vat online a few nights ago and every time the tub got hot I cackled, "Get in the vat!" at the creature I wanted. When a vat party happens across the table you best make with the Shatter.

(Won the draft, B/G infect, Sylvok Replica gone wild in a Mimic Vat, 8 more packs for clan Limited Resources! VAT PARTY!)