January 31, 2011

Your acid sacs are beautiful in this light

Phyrexia is for lovers.

There's been a lot of overheated rhetoric from the Mirran-dominated media lately, regarding the so-called "invaders." They say that Phyrexians are villains, the "bad guys." They characterize Phyrexian partisans as overfed suburban cowards with boredom-induced death fetishes.

Let's take a step back from that, everyone. We all have rights on this artificial plane. Different does not mean evil. Phyrexians put on their biomechanical patchworks one appendage at a time, like anyone else. They love their vat-children. So the next time you meet a Phyrexian, try to see the world through their eyes or eye-like structures and extend a friendly hand. At worst you'll be reconstituted in service of the Great Work (not so bad, really) and, who knows, you might just make a friend.

Should this design be on a t-shirt? Do horrors wear t-shirts?

January 27, 2011

Unfinished Business, the shirt

Nelson/Matignon Unfinished Business

A while back I posted a design promoting the big Magic Player of the Year grudge match in Paris. And now it's on a shirt! You can buy one!

The shirts are available in a variety of styles and sizes. They're printed and shipped as they're purchased by a company called Spreadshirt. The printing technique used for print-on-demand does not produce as bright or durable results as traditional screenprinting, but I ordered a test shirt for myself (see photo) and I declare that it's a fine choice for repping the big show in Paris. I actually tweaked the colors a bit brighter in the design and reduced the design size a bit after seeing the test shirt. The ones for sale now should be even better. So, proceed to the Unfinished Business Player of the Year shirt store!

January 26, 2011

Hey big fella, can't you do anything right?

one-hit wonders

So: Phage the Untouchable playing cards with Marit Lage and hazing the latest one-hit wonder, Blightsteel Colossus.

The online grumbleverse has been hazing the ever-lovin' necrogen out of the big fella too. An overflowing smorgasbord of violations includes flavor, elegance, power-level, historical precedent, playability, story, melodiousness and on and on. The outcry seems disproportionate to me, but I guess this is what happens every time the designers decide to ruin the game forever.

I will admit that the healthy colossus debuted during a time when I was chilling in the void with Tanihwa, so some of the cultural impact is lost on me. For me, Darksteel Colossus was one of the M10 mythics you didn't want to see in limited. Still, I dunno, new guy seems cool. I'm curious to see what he does in the wild.

And I am certain that a generation of kids will open their first packs, see this card, and be infected for the rest of their lives.

January 20, 2011

Casual Friday

Sometimes I make tokens that correspond to hot, new cards. And then there's today.

When Marshall from the Limited Resources podcast (a must-listen if you play limited) mentioned needing bribery counters for his Gwafa Hazid Commander deck I tried to resist. But it was as though Gwafa himself compelled me, with his icy stare and bags of money. Whatever you say, sir!

First attempt:
A sack of loot with Gwafa's traditional insignia: a bored and irritated eye.

bribed angel
"Everyone has a price!"

Then I decided I wanted a counter with more heft that provided that distinctive clink of under-the-table commerce. So I cut some fabric from an old t-shirt, bundled up some pennies and tied it off with some bright thread. Now I'm bribing with style!

bribed mortivore
"Yo ugly, go buy yourself something nice ... like a new face!"

bribed mortivore
"No time to attack or block. I gotta get to Hot Topic before they close!"

Here's a printable, high-resolution PDF of the first version. The second version will take a bit more work on your part.

With Gwafa out of the way, I remembered that ages ago someone requested Sand Warrior tokens to go with Hazezon Tamar. I don't know, what the hell is a Sand Warrior? Good old Legends! Hey, whoever you are, is this what you had in mind?
sand warrior

And then we went to the beach.

sand warrior

Here's the high-res, printable PDF. Looter out!

January 12, 2011

I got myrs for years

Started with one ...
myr token
Then it brought some pals ...
myr pattern
... and now it's out of control.
myr pattern
So yo, WotC, let's get together and make some premium Mirrodin neckties!

Oh, and for everyone with printers and scissors, here's a high-resolution PDF myr token sheet and a similarly high-res myr pattern sheet. Get to work!

January 04, 2011

When control thugs cry

I thought my new tattoo looked badass but the fellas are now calling me Jace Face so I might have to get it zapped.

blue mana tattoo

More substantial posts soon. Been working on stuff.