February 24, 2011

Ugh, my voice

Robert and Chris from the Men of Magic podcast lured me from my grotto for an interview. If you want to hear me ramble about art and passion and blogs and stuff ... check it out.

February 21, 2011

Trade ya my Koth for your Brad?

Brad NelsonBrad Nelson

For a few years Wizards was putting pro player cards into tournament packs (or were they still called starter decks at the time? I don't remember) to promote the faces of the Magic Pro Tour. These went away after a few years but people use them as tokens, and I always kind of liked the idea of kids trading to get the "Jelger Wiegersma with the red-striped sweater" or whatever, so here's an Inkwell Looter pro player card for your 2010 Magic Player of the Year. Nicely done, Mr. Nelson.

If you're inclined to print 'n' play, here's a high-resolution PDF with the card front and back.

February 10, 2011

My life as a weapon

sad germ

The weaponized boogers of Mirrodin Besieged are depressing. These sad sacks have no choice in the matter--they exist only to wear the diabolical technology of Phyrexia. They do not go home to chill with their germ families and friends. They cannot decide to go back to school or become a paralegal. If only they'd been spawned with a single point of toughness! They could have the carefree life of a plant or a goat. But no, their role is to sit behind the controls of a low-level war toy, wiggling their fetal arms and hoping for the sweet release of oblivion.

flayer husk remorse


Download and print this high-resolution, printable PDF of the germ token to bring the bummer to your own battlefield.

Also, I still have some of the limited edition of myr pattern prints available, but they're going semi-fast. Don't miss out.

February 09, 2011

We got wurms!

The fellas behind the excellent YO! MTG Taps podcast wanted some special business cards. We got to talking and ba-da-boom here we have some Inkwell Looter-designed Wurmcoil Engine tokens featuring the hosts of YMTGT, Joey and Bighead Joe.

YMTGT wurm tokens

These are hot off the presses and in the hands of the Taps boys. More details will emerge soon about how they might be transferred to your very own hands.

February 06, 2011

Class up that game cave with some art.

myr print

My Twitter followers (@inkwell_looter) got a sneak peek of this a couple weeks ago: a small screen-print I made of my myr tile pattern. Now they're for sale.

These prints were each made by hand using the Gocco screenprinting system. They're 5"x6" on high-quality, textured art paper. The ink is bright red and each print is unique due to the mercurial (but awesome) printing process. This is a limited-edition print. I've signed and numbered 25, which is all that I will be selling.

SOLD OUT! Thanks everyone. I'll do another print sometime soon.

Here's the print in a not-quite-the-right-size frame I had laying around (not included with purchase, ha). I think it looks pretty nice:

myr print framed