May 28, 2012


For all you completists, here's a tour of random images I've previously posted on my Twitter but not here. Follow me!

Why, it's the Paulo Vitor Damo da Rosa token I illustrated for Channel Fireball:
PV token

Speaking of Channel Fireball, when the whole team included stomach flu details in their Pro Tour Avacyn Restored tournament reports I was compelled to deliver Channel Vomitball. Sorry guys!
Channel Vomitball

Mark Rosewater recently mentioned that a card with the working name "Elephurtle" had been axed by R&D. I drew this for Mark, and for the Elephurtle we never knew.

Ah, digging through old boxes of cards, always good for a laugh.

Brian David-Marshall isn't shy about his guild/color preference. Rich Hagon isn't so sure.
Simic 4 Life

Here's me, pretending to be Nicol Bolas with the three most humorous objects I could grab. Idiot.
Nickel Bolas

Some Wurmcoil Engines I'm growing.
Wurmcoil plant

May 23, 2012

Hexproof and I Know It

Certainly I self-identify as a cartoonist most of all, but this evening the spirit moved me to assume the form of a parody rapper. Armed with nothing more than a laptop and Audacity (the audio editing program but, yes, also the personality trait) I descended to the Loothouse's acoustically suboptimal garage to record this track. Forgive me, or maybe don't.

Next update will be a drawing.

May 02, 2012

So happy together

I did the whole Avacyn Restored prerelease thing this past weekend. Delightful discovery of unanticipated interaction. Dopey blunders due to reading failure. Helvault cracking. All of it. Whenever a new set hits I keep my whiskers on swivel to detect the greatest token needs. And the people cried out, "Wait, which guys is she soulbonded to?" Such anguish. Let me soothe.

Soul Bond

Soul Bond

Cute couple, eh? Here's a handy high-resolution PDF if you wanna lock up your own BFFs.

Anyway, yeah, prerlease was fun. I Nephalia Smuggled my Timberland Guide many times. And at the end of the rounds we opened the Helvault and I got to meet my own, new BFF: Oversized Griselbrand.

Oversized Griselbrand and a rose
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