February 26, 2012

Have a spirit on me

Some spirits, of the distilled variety. If you want to use these as tokens I'm gonna have to see some ID.


Here's a high-res PDF if you're inclined to get printy.

the pour tokens

drinkwell boozer

Cast Lingering Souls responsibly, everyone.

February 21, 2012

Bonus extra thingers

Here are a few miscellaneous items:

1. Behold Channel Fireball pro David Ochoa's token card:
David Ochoa tokens
... and a closer look:
David Ochoa
This is the third card in this series. More to come. Get 'em by placing orders at their store.

2. Hey, I drew an MTG valentine:
Garruk valentine
The joke was sent to me by Mike Robles who commissioned this drawing to go with it (while simultaneously tearing up Twitter with a precision MTG valentine memestorm).

3. OK, no picture with this one but, just FYI, I'll be at Grand Prix Seattle. Maybe I'll see you there? Maybe I'll notarize your Bingo card?

February 14, 2012

Circle of Stuff: Green


Next up in my Circle of Stuff series. Here's black, if you missed it. More to come.