August 31, 2011

Gideon's Posse

Gideon's Flunkies

It was immediately after I finished this comic when the phrase "Gid-a-long Gang" came to me. Oh well.

August 17, 2011

Juicy tidbits

Hey, no funny drawings today but wanted to comment on a few items:

LSV tokens
I drew illustrious professional magician Luis Scott-Vargas vacationing in an exotic locale (a land of our ancestors but I cannot recall its name) for Channel Fireball, who did it up bigtime by printing it on tokens. You can see a photo of them in this excellent column by LSV. The LSV cards debuted at Gencon and sat at real LSV's elbow while he casually made yet another Nationals top 8. And now they're available from Channel Fireball for free when you place an order. Sweet!

Card Kingdom visit
A Looter family trip had me chilling in Washington state this past week, including a couple days in Seattle. Now, listen to me people: if you are in Seattle do not fail to make your pilgrimage to Card Kingdom! That would be some intense failure on your part. Not only is it overpacked with every game you'd want, excellent displays, abundant play areas, private game rooms, Magic tournaments, etc. no, no, forget that dusty box of Skittles near the cash register, NO! Card Kingdom has a cafe right in the store with a fine menu of prepared food and adult beverages!

I showed up on Friday night as FNM was winding down and the place was a-rockin'. Dan Tharp of the Kingdom gave your humble shadowy internet personality some VIP treatment, showing me around and introducing me to locals. I got to see their impressive Magic singles backroom (they sell singles in-store and online) and beautiful fixtures hand-painted by CK's own Joe Vollan. There was plenty of Magic on the tables but the board games got a good workout too. I hung out with Magic community people I'd previously known online (shoutouts to Zaiem Beg, Marshall Sutcliffe and Ryan Spain), ogled uncut sheets of Guru lands, swapped war stories and generally floated on a cloud of awesome energy provided by the amazing venue. Seriously, check it out.

Sorry about the lack of images in this update. I suck at camera.

August 04, 2011

They also do windows

Spark House

Color pie lawyers: I know that blue is not really the color of chore matrices. But Jace just seems like that roommate, so please bear with a little bleed.