June 22, 2011

Close quarters

Spark House

I've gotten steadily more excited about the 2012 core set since the Gather Your Allies video appeared. I have interpreted allies to mean: roommates. More Spark House comics to come.

June 15, 2011

At your command

I've kept my distance from EDH/Commander in the past. I'd regularly read articles about the format by writers I enjoy, but in general (har har) playing Commander did not fit into my personal Magic universe in any logical way. But I cannot escape the gravity of these Commander pre-cons from Wizards. Their hooks are in deep. So many cool cards. Must. So, I will cleanse my palate, remove my fancy hat and dive in.

Meanwhile, how about some Commander-oriented art items? Phelddagrif is a pretty popular general, or something, so I hear, huh? How 'bout a hippo token to lull your opponents into a cuteness coma:


You can print your own lil' green cuties with this handy high-resolution PDF.


Personally, I'm excited to try out Zedruu the Greathearted. But with permanents being donated willy-nilly, it seems like there should be a way to see which ones are gifts from the antelope. Some kind of marker to make the battlefield read well and hey, it wouldn't hurt to remind the other players who specifically is their daddy. Something like:


Print out some Zedruu gift markers from this high-resolution PDF. And if you see me at the launch party, be gentle!

zedruu coins
They don't call me 'the Greathearted' for nothin', boys!

NOTE: If the PDFs aren't working when you click on them you might want to try right-clicking and "Save Link As." For some reason that's working better when I try it. I'll investigate.

June 02, 2011

Use your illusion

illusion token
Here's a Meloku illusion token I did for the Third Power podcast. Anthony and Usman, the show's hosts, think more about MTG cube before breakfast than you've thought about breakfast in your entire life, or something. They live cube, OK? Give them a listen.