December 23, 2011

Sleigh of the Wicked

Sleigh of the Wicked

Hey, happy holidaze from the Inkwell Looter family to yours!

So, what does this card do? Is it an artifact that taps to give target vampire, werewolf and zombie haste and banding? Is it a creature that taps for "target player gains control of a permanent you control and takes 5 damage"? You probably can do better than that.

And here's the pun spoiler for those not in the know: Slayer of the Wicked.

December 09, 2011

Re-elect the Mayor

politics as usual

I wonder what daily life is like in these terrible, monster-packed places where Magic takes place. Is there anywhere to buy stuff on Grixis? Are you just immediately flayed on New Phyrexia or can you chill a bit first? Who elects a werewolf mayor? What's his platform? Where does he stand with regard to the inappropriate influence of glaziers?