November 25, 2010

Turkey Myr

Thanksgiving myr

Inkwell Looter wishes you a happy Thanksgiving, and hopes that your dinner does not have infect. And thanks for all the support with my lil' blog here.

For example: Jim Baker of South Bend, IN went down to GP Nashville and brought along his Inkwell Looter supplies. He played a GP bingo card with his friends and then got it signed by excellent pro card slingers Brad Nelson and Conley Woods. Check it out:

used bingo card

Thanks for sending this, Jim!

November 18, 2010

We like the cards with the cars that go BOOM!

Live fast. Die young.
A survey of goblin hot-rods: Oxidda Daredevil, Boggart Ram-Gang and Goblin War Buggy (original card art by Pete Venters, Dave Allsop and DiTerlizzi).

Tigra, Bunny and I all like the cars that go BOOM. The artists clearly had fun with these card images, but maybe had to ride the brake a bit to keep from turning out full-on Ed "Big Daddy" Roth hot-rods.

And Boggart Ram-Gang is one of my favorite creatures of all time -- the epitome of aggro. Mmm, all of those 3's ... power, toughness, mana of either color who cares, just pay it (or better yet Bloodbraid it) to send a hasty block of muscle hurtling across the red zone. Oh yeah, wither too ... yes. Sweet ride.

Also, if you're one of these sickos playing a Kuldotha Rebirth deck, I once made a trio of rock 'n' roll goblin tokens you should probably get. They're from back when three goblins were a siege-gang but are suitable for any occasion that requires some little, red rockers.

November 12, 2010

Do the robot

Nothing serious, just having some fun with myr. As I've been having fun with Scars limited. Losing a lot, but having fun.

Here's a mana myr hypothetical situation for you:
You're given a Scars of Mirrodin limited pool with two obviously good colors (equal number of playables in each), 3 useless colors (no playables) and a bunch of playable artifacts. You have access to as many of the common mana myr as you want, like basic lands. How many myr and how many land do you play in your deck? I realize that the situation is a little bogus, but I'm still curious to hear what you think.

November 04, 2010

Nice pecs but that shoulder magma could use some work.

Oof, Koth, I mean, don't you Vulshok ever, like, exfoliate? Because those glowing fissures are gonna make me retch if I look too close. Yeah, yeah, I know you're into rock and ore and all that crap but appearances matter if you want people to take you serious -- what's that? You're dropping five loyalty? Mountains do whaat???

Koth emblem

Once his emblem hits the table Koth can planeswalk the hell over to a bangin' pool party on Ravnica he heard about 'cause this duel is done!

aww yeah!

Here's a high-resolution PDF. Print 'n' destroy! And to complete the set, check out the official Looter Elspeth and Venser emblems.