November 04, 2010

Nice pecs but that shoulder magma could use some work.

Oof, Koth, I mean, don't you Vulshok ever, like, exfoliate? Because those glowing fissures are gonna make me retch if I look too close. Yeah, yeah, I know you're into rock and ore and all that crap but appearances matter if you want people to take you serious -- what's that? You're dropping five loyalty? Mountains do whaat???

Koth emblem

Once his emblem hits the table Koth can planeswalk the hell over to a bangin' pool party on Ravnica he heard about 'cause this duel is done!

aww yeah!

Here's a high-resolution PDF. Print 'n' destroy! And to complete the set, check out the official Looter Elspeth and Venser emblems.


  1. Haha.. Nice job as always! Koth kinda looked liked Quagmire from Family Guy doing his signature "All right" pelvic thrust.. Definitely gonna use this on the next FNM

  2. aww mate thats sweet. Great as per usual.