November 18, 2010

We like the cards with the cars that go BOOM!

Live fast. Die young.
A survey of goblin hot-rods: Oxidda Daredevil, Boggart Ram-Gang and Goblin War Buggy (original card art by Pete Venters, Dave Allsop and DiTerlizzi).

Tigra, Bunny and I all like the cars that go BOOM. The artists clearly had fun with these card images, but maybe had to ride the brake a bit to keep from turning out full-on Ed "Big Daddy" Roth hot-rods.

And Boggart Ram-Gang is one of my favorite creatures of all time -- the epitome of aggro. Mmm, all of those 3's ... power, toughness, mana of either color who cares, just pay it (or better yet Bloodbraid it) to send a hasty block of muscle hurtling across the red zone. Oh yeah, wither too ... yes. Sweet ride.

Also, if you're one of these sickos playing a Kuldotha Rebirth deck, I once made a trio of rock 'n' roll goblin tokens you should probably get. They're from back when three goblins were a siege-gang but are suitable for any occasion that requires some little, red rockers.


  1. I use those Goblin tokens you made almost every day :) They could use a lead singer and a groupie or two!