October 16, 2011

Get in the casserole.

Death Casserole
Recently I got a hankering down in my guts for a new Magic format. Something with the variety and freedom of Commander deck construction but, I dunno, easier to shuffle? Something unapologetically about the reduction of a single opponent's life total to zero. A juicy, non-rotating card pool that won't deck my bank account. Yeah, that's what I want. Now gimme!

At first I named it Impudent Goblin Highlander but the Looter marketing staff basically had a cow, so we changed it to something they felt would have more mainstream appeal: FILTH CASSEROLE.

Here's whatcha gotta do to get in the Casserole:

1. Decks are a minimum of fifty (50!) cards.

2. Decks can only have a single copy of a card other than basic lands.

3. Legal card sets and banned cards are the same as for the Modern format.

4. No sideboards.

5. All the other usual stuff applies. 20 life, mulligans, blah blah blah.

So, it's 50-card Modern singleton, yeah? I think a majority of the cards banned for Modern would be fine in Filth Casserole but I want to keep things simple. Version 2.0 might get some unbannings, but let's leave Jace in the cooler for now.

Filth Casserole FAQs

Where do I play this appetizing new format?

Anywhere you want, I suppose, but specifically at Worlds in San Francisco. I'll be there, stalking the hall with a Casserole in my oven mitts, looking for victims.

Additionally, I'm going to organize some MTGO sessions via Twitter. Stay tuned!

How will I recognize fellow Casserole chefs?

They will be clearly-labeled with the above insignia. Help yourself to this high-resolution PDF file, print and deploy. I'll post some examples of how to proudly display the Casserole insignia in the coming weeks.

OK, that's it for now, but expect more soon. Commence deck construction, and may all of your casseroles be filthy!

October 08, 2011

Civilized Nerd/Homicidal Jock

Civilized Scholar
See Michael C. Hayes' Civilized Scholar/Homicidal Brute here.

Once again, I impose the '80s teenage comedy logic. And we all know someone who transforms after a drink, right?