October 27, 2010

Phyrexian fashion invasion

nice clasp
Contagion Clasp (original card art by Anthony Palumbo here)

This card has given me a fearsome bout of Johnny-itis. I badly want for those pincers to hold together an abusive proliferate machine but so far it's amounted to toothless, counter-diddling nonsense. If you have to play me in the next couple of weeks, please understand, it's a sickness. Try to summon a little patience for those of us who must Grindclock + Bloodchief Ascension. Just close your eyes and think of Jace. Victory will be yours shortly.

Oh, and here's what that lil' bastard looks like with a face:

clasp with a face

Speaking of counters, Adam Richards sent me these photos from a Scars of Mirrodin release event at PBKW Comics in Cornelius, NC:

Scars release event Scars release event

That's Jason Hargett (of screamingenergy.com) uncomfortable with his sudden wealth of Phyrexian poison bucks. Thanks for sending the photos, guys!

October 18, 2010

Venser, the Sideburner

You just subtracted eight loyalty from your pretty-boy planeswalker but your opponent barely flinches. What's with this guy? Has he not read Venser? Does he not comprehend the inescapable control cocoon in which he's been so thoroughly wrapped?

No. You need to drop the emblem:

Venser emblem

BOOM! Target opponent just proliferated in his pants.

sojourn on this, sucka

Here's a high-resolution PDF. Don't ultimate Venser without it! And for those late to this whole party, here's an Elspeth emblem for ya too.

October 06, 2010

More like Cute-refax

Chimeric Mass, Fume Spitter and Putrefax (original card art by David Palumbo, Nils Hamm, and Steve Belledin)

This isn't the first time I've noticed a subtext of monstrosity romance in a new set. Or maybe it's just me. Scars of Mirodin certainly has a high percentage of creatures that look like wads of gum rolled in trash. Nothing wrong with that.

This week while I was daydreaming about hot, sloppy, horror-on-horror action I got a package of awesome items from Dan Tharp of Card Kingdom including this bonkers playmat and set of clockwork squirrel tokens by artist Joe Vollan. Check it out:
playmat by Joe Vollan

Squirrel by Joe Vollan
Whaaaaat? Dan, Joe, you guys made my week!

That's all I've got for now, but more Scars fun is on the way. Otherwise, if you want some high-quality, cute-as-hell plant tokens to aid in the avenging of olden Zendikar, those are still quite available.