July 30, 2010

Indestructible gold star

The latest kerosene poured on the community bonfire: emblems. It's a new thingie to clutter up the command zone representing an in-game rules change. The only card that produces an emblem is Elspeth, Knight Errant. But ... what does an emblem look like? An emblem must have a visible, physical representation. What happens the next time I ultimate my Elspeth? Do I add a penny, a peanut, a scrap of paper with emblem scrawled on it, to my command zone? I have no frickin' idea how I will remember that my stuff is indestructible! AAaaaaaahhhh!!!!

Hush. The Looter has it covered:

Elspeth says Nice Job!

You did it, buddy! Thumbs up!

Gold star for ya!

Here's a high-resolution PDF, so that you can print a big, gaudy emblem for all of your Elspeth-maxing needs. And if you ever slap this thing down in a game, please take a photo of your opponent's bewildered expression and send it to me.

Otherwise, I had the opportunity to be breathed upon by 150,000 fellow nerds ...er, popular arts enthusiasts ... at this year's San Diego Comic-con, and particularly enjoyed the Magic panel. Alex Shearer posted an excellent summary (with photos) of the numerous announcements and spoilers. On the qualitative beat, I was impressed by the enthusiasm of the Wizards guys. It should come as no surprise that they love the game but to see their excitement about upcoming products and their obvious concern for the player experience in person reinforced my feeling that this game is in good hands. And I was similarly impressed by the players who asked reasonable questions throughout the audience Q&A, traditionally a brutal, unbearable, awkward component to panel presentations. Shearer noted the support group confessional way that all of the questioners introduced themselves, giving their names and personal Magic histories up front. This was hilarious but also somewhat heart-warming. Everyone there had a lot invested in Magic and great respect for the guys on stage. Except for all of the bored significant others fiddling with their smartphones. And those of us seething with EMBLEM RAGE.


  1. Ok, that's is just uber-nifty. I might need to use that emblem for entirely other uses, such as when going using a drive-through and all you order is a soda and the "customer service representative" asks you: "Do you want cheese on that?"...

    "You sir, just won yourself a 'Nice Job' emblem! Congrats! Please wear it with pride so you can clearly indicate to everyone else what a 'Nice Job' you are doing!"

    Again, just genius on making this!

  2. It has the air of the "Super Duper Job" ribbons we would get as kids for coloring in the lines. Even though I never get to pop her ultimate, I can't wait to show this bad boy off.

  3. Maybe we can preface every sentence with "Elsbeth says ..."

    PS This really is the best MTG site on the net.

  4. Awesome Elspeth emblem! I'd like to see you make one for the original "emblem" creature, Stigma Lasher from Eventide. It could be a fiery emblem with Stigma Lasher's face in the middle. You could also include some text like "Ha! Ha! You can't gain life!"

    Keep Magic weird!

  5. Thanks guys! I'm interested to see what they're going to do with emblem abilities, and also if WotC will print official emblems.

    Re: Stigma Lasher, here's what Aaron Forsythe said via Twitter: "Stigma Lasher doesn't need the emblem wording because there's no confusion about which things it affects as the game goes on."