December 23, 2012

Joy to the Worldspine

Joy to the Worldspine
Season's greetings! Who doesn't love Ravnica at this time of year? The Izzet mix up their dangerous new holiday beverages. The air outside the Rakdos halls smells of roasting sage, thyme and victims. Golgari give each other gifts recycled from last year's gifts. Selesnyan chorale groups go door-to-door singing and handing out literature. The Azorius have their awkward office parties. And of course, the Schmazzgordios provided traditional wurm decoration.

As for the MTG community, my wish for the new year is for everyone to do their best to respect and include each other. It's been a rough patch (decade? forever?) for kindness in this community despite the fact that we have such excellent personnel. I don't expect MTGO to become a haven for enlightened discourse but let's all try harder to treat each other well, to think twice before shooting off that "clever" insult, and to understand the feelings of the players across from us. Let's make some progress.