October 27, 2010

Phyrexian fashion invasion

nice clasp
Contagion Clasp (original card art by Anthony Palumbo here)

This card has given me a fearsome bout of Johnny-itis. I badly want for those pincers to hold together an abusive proliferate machine but so far it's amounted to toothless, counter-diddling nonsense. If you have to play me in the next couple of weeks, please understand, it's a sickness. Try to summon a little patience for those of us who must Grindclock + Bloodchief Ascension. Just close your eyes and think of Jace. Victory will be yours shortly.

Oh, and here's what that lil' bastard looks like with a face:

clasp with a face

Speaking of counters, Adam Richards sent me these photos from a Scars of Mirrodin release event at PBKW Comics in Cornelius, NC:

Scars release event Scars release event

That's Jason Hargett (of screamingenergy.com) uncomfortable with his sudden wealth of Phyrexian poison bucks. Thanks for sending the photos, guys!

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  1. looks like he's about to


    pay the piper