May 02, 2012

So happy together

I did the whole Avacyn Restored prerelease thing this past weekend. Delightful discovery of unanticipated interaction. Dopey blunders due to reading failure. Helvault cracking. All of it. Whenever a new set hits I keep my whiskers on swivel to detect the greatest token needs. And the people cried out, "Wait, which guys is she soulbonded to?" Such anguish. Let me soothe.

Soul Bond

Soul Bond

Cute couple, eh? Here's a handy high-resolution PDF if you wanna lock up your own BFFs.

Anyway, yeah, prerlease was fun. I Nephalia Smuggled my Timberland Guide many times. And at the end of the rounds we opened the Helvault and I got to meet my own, new BFF: Oversized Griselbrand.

Oversized Griselbrand and a rose
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