May 23, 2012

Hexproof and I Know It

Certainly I self-identify as a cartoonist most of all, but this evening the spirit moved me to assume the form of a parody rapper. Armed with nothing more than a laptop and Audacity (the audio editing program but, yes, also the personality trait) I descended to the Loothouse's acoustically suboptimal garage to record this track. Forgive me, or maybe don't.

Next update will be a drawing.


  1. I completely lost it by the first chorus.
    Fantastic silly work, mate.

  2. This was made even funnier by looking at the image of Looter "dancing" with a wine glass and tokens for the duration of the song.

  3. I'm impressed--you might be an even worse singer than I am, and that's saying something. I like the idea and most of the lyrics, though. Nice work!