May 28, 2012


For all you completists, here's a tour of random images I've previously posted on my Twitter but not here. Follow me!

Why, it's the Paulo Vitor Damo da Rosa token I illustrated for Channel Fireball:
PV token

Speaking of Channel Fireball, when the whole team included stomach flu details in their Pro Tour Avacyn Restored tournament reports I was compelled to deliver Channel Vomitball. Sorry guys!
Channel Vomitball

Mark Rosewater recently mentioned that a card with the working name "Elephurtle" had been axed by R&D. I drew this for Mark, and for the Elephurtle we never knew.

Ah, digging through old boxes of cards, always good for a laugh.

Brian David-Marshall isn't shy about his guild/color preference. Rich Hagon isn't so sure.
Simic 4 Life

Here's me, pretending to be Nicol Bolas with the three most humorous objects I could grab. Idiot.
Nickel Bolas

Some Wurmcoil Engines I'm growing.
Wurmcoil plant

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  1. Ah, proxies. I made some a while back: