February 06, 2011

Class up that game cave with some art.

myr print

My Twitter followers (@inkwell_looter) got a sneak peek of this a couple weeks ago: a small screen-print I made of my myr tile pattern. Now they're for sale.

These prints were each made by hand using the Gocco screenprinting system. They're 5"x6" on high-quality, textured art paper. The ink is bright red and each print is unique due to the mercurial (but awesome) printing process. This is a limited-edition print. I've signed and numbered 25, which is all that I will be selling.

SOLD OUT! Thanks everyone. I'll do another print sometime soon.

Here's the print in a not-quite-the-right-size frame I had laying around (not included with purchase, ha). I think it looks pretty nice:

myr print framed


  1. Tie? -sadface- not tie.

    Tie would be awesome.

  2. Any chance of this going on a t-shirt and/or being shipped to the U.K.?

  3. I won't rule out a t-shirt in the future but don't have any immediate plans. I'm happy to ship prints to the UK, but need to figure out shipping with the post office people. If you're interested, send me an email with your address and I'll get back to you with the info.

    A tie would be awesome. Anyone out there in the tie manufacturing biz?

  4. Screw T-shirts. I want this on a tie.

  5. Awesome print. Looking forward to having it adorn my wall. :)

    Tie-wise, perhaps you could collaborate with these folks, or someone similar: http://www.etsy.com/shop/toybreaker

  6. Just got my print in the mail today and it looks great. Totally sweet. I'm gonna frame it up and put it over my computer desk.

  7. Thanks Tally and Elliot! Glad ya like it. FYI, I've sold about 2/3 of the print run at this point. Once they're gone, they're gone!

  8. Just bought a print. If you could somehow put this design on a t-shirt or card sleeves, my friends and I would totally buy it.