February 21, 2011

Trade ya my Koth for your Brad?

Brad NelsonBrad Nelson

For a few years Wizards was putting pro player cards into tournament packs (or were they still called starter decks at the time? I don't remember) to promote the faces of the Magic Pro Tour. These went away after a few years but people use them as tokens, and I always kind of liked the idea of kids trading to get the "Jelger Wiegersma with the red-striped sweater" or whatever, so here's an Inkwell Looter pro player card for your 2010 Magic Player of the Year. Nicely done, Mr. Nelson.

If you're inclined to print 'n' play, here's a high-resolution PDF with the card front and back.


  1. I miss the Pro Player cards. If you're a new player and you've never heard of the Pro Tour, they put the bug in you to compete and someday get your face in the boosters. If you follow coverage all the time, you can try to collect your favorite players and use them as tokens.

    I know people saw them as taking the place of a relevant card in the pack, but I just saw them as a bonus. How many Myr tokens have I thrown away? If they were Brian Kiblers and Kai Buddes, I'd probably hold on to them and feel like I got more value from the pack.

    Anyway, love the art style of this card, I look forward to seeing more!

  2. Glad you like it!

    At the time when I was getting these in packs I didn't pay any attention to the pro tour and I found the attempt to glamorize Magic players comical. But as they've kicked around my card boxes over the years I've come to regard them as a cool bit of Magic history, and since I now follow and value the pro tour they mean a lot more to me.

  3. The above two people are the minority.