January 20, 2011

Casual Friday

Sometimes I make tokens that correspond to hot, new cards. And then there's today.

When Marshall from the Limited Resources podcast (a must-listen if you play limited) mentioned needing bribery counters for his Gwafa Hazid Commander deck I tried to resist. But it was as though Gwafa himself compelled me, with his icy stare and bags of money. Whatever you say, sir!

First attempt:
A sack of loot with Gwafa's traditional insignia: a bored and irritated eye.

bribed angel
"Everyone has a price!"

Then I decided I wanted a counter with more heft that provided that distinctive clink of under-the-table commerce. So I cut some fabric from an old t-shirt, bundled up some pennies and tied it off with some bright thread. Now I'm bribing with style!

bribed mortivore
"Yo ugly, go buy yourself something nice ... like a new face!"

bribed mortivore
"No time to attack or block. I gotta get to Hot Topic before they close!"

Here's a printable, high-resolution PDF of the first version. The second version will take a bit more work on your part.

With Gwafa out of the way, I remembered that ages ago someone requested Sand Warrior tokens to go with Hazezon Tamar. I don't know, what the hell is a Sand Warrior? Good old Legends! Hey, whoever you are, is this what you had in mind?
sand warrior

And then we went to the beach.

sand warrior

Here's the high-res, printable PDF. Looter out!


  1. Hey that was me with the sand warrior. Pretty swanky! Thanks!

  2. No problem! I think I actually got a few requests for this. Is H.T. a popular general? My EDH knowledge is weak.

  3. He's not real popular, since he's pretty obscure, but he is real good. He's basically a superior version of Rith, who *is* popular.

    If you can get him off the battlefield before the upkeep trigger, the Sand Warrior tokens won't be vulnerable to his leaves-the-battlefield trigger. You also want to be ramping a bunch anyway in this format, and he combines well with ramp in two ways:

    1. he makes more guys when you have more land, duh
    2. he's not designed to stick around (you want to sacrifice him to something before his trigger goes off), so you'll probably want to be casting him multiple times, and that will take 7, 9, 11, 13 mana...

  4. : don't forget about Dune-Brood Nephilim!


  5. Pretty awesome tokens! All of them are pretty awesome...

    If you don't mind requests, I would like to make one for the two tokens Wurmcoil Engine makes. I have done a bunch of Scars drafts and can never seem to find one...

  6. You should make an Ice counter as well.

  7. I just want to pipe in here. I googled "gwafa bribery counters" totally expecting to exit google a few seconds later unfulfilled. I was so wrong -- these counters are amazing, and whether or not I use them, you've definitely inspired me. I can't wait to finish this deck and bribe ALL the things.