June 29, 2010

Welcome to the Jungle

Next up in the 0/1 token series:
plant token

I sleeved some up:
plant hand

... but then I had to equip my Trusty Rusty Exacto and go all papercraft on it:

plant cutout
plant cutout

I'm hoping for a strong goat presence in Scars of Mirodin.

Here's a high-resolution PDF file of the plant tokens. Print and enjoy!


  1. Cool!
    You should do elf or insects tokens, I will totally use those!

  2. These plants seem way too intimdating for 0/1's and possibly stronger with Avenger of zendikar, but still awesome

  3. I've never been as sad about not being able to use custom tokens on modo as I am now. I would kill for these guys when I'm playing turboland.

  4. Dude, you got linked from magicthegathering.com. And I love your art!

    Though now I have to get demanding... could you /pretty please/ do a wolf token? Finding enough of Wizards' to use Howl of the Night Pack is nearly impossible, and dice or pieces of cheese don't look right. (Though eating your destroyed tokens is always fun.) There! Now that I've asked, you can ignore me!

  5. Hey thanks guys! I want to do more tokens so I'll keep all these suggestions in mind. I need more hours in the day ...