July 13, 2011

Looter at San Diego Comic-Con

I'll be exhibiting at the San Diego Comic-Con, July 20-24. The items I'm selling are not Magic-related, but they're by me and also totally cool. You can read about what I'll have and how to find me at the show in this non-Magic post.

I'd love to meet some Looter fans, and if seeing my true, secret face is not enough incentive to get you to swing by, how about this: free, original drawings. That's right! In the land of six-dollar nachos I'm giving away one-of-a-kind artwork! Here's the deal:

1. Download (right-click, save) and print this PDF. This is my official convention sketch template.

2. Bring that paper to my table at the show. I will draw on it for you.

Restrictions: One drawing per fan. I will not draw proxies of actual cards. If I'm out getting coffee or whatever be nice to my tablemates. Whatever other restrictions I think of, blah blah blah.

That's it. Pretty crazy, huh? Nevertheless, I do not plan to wear a colander on my head. Meet me. Get art.

1 comment:

  1. Dang I wish I was able to go to Comic Con. Hope you had fun.