January 16, 2012

Make mine Markov.

Dear Sister,

I trust that you are well and still a player of cards despite your previously expressed (and, as I said before, somewhat blasphemous) feelings on the werewolf mechanic of Innistrad. I have partaken of the checklist cards and find them to be quite sufficient. Ah, but let us not dwell on old rancor.

Rather, I suggest we rejoice at the coming of the so-called Dark Ascension. Many fine preview cards rampage through our lands and I find myself counting the days until the prerelease. In particular I'm looking forward to commanding Sorin, Lord of Innistrad so that I may reveal my freshly-hewn emblem:

Make mine Markov

Is your excitement similar, sister? Will you join the Markov?

Inkwell Looter


Brother Inkwell,

I would like nothing more than to liberate your teeth with a tire-iron for again trumpeting your flippy-card claptrap while neglecting to ask about mother, father, the crops, the fire damage or my sickly quintuplets. Yet that image does much to stay my wrath. Is it real? How may I gain possession of an emblem such as this? Make with the details or write no more.

Faith Looter, Grand Representative of Gleepglorp Customer Service



I assure you, it's as real as Uncle Bruce's third nipple. Sleeved:

With creepy candelabra:
creepy candles shot

And here's a PDF for your printing pleasure.

From the grotto with love,
Inkwell Looter

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