July 09, 2012

San Diegoat

As I've mentioned before, I'm exhibiting at the San Diego Comic-Con Wednesday through Sunday of this week. What I haven't mentioned is that I'll be producing goat tokens on site, in various media and for sale, cheap! Stuff like this:


So, if you're at SDCC be sure to come visit the herd in the Small Press Pavilion, around aisle 1800, at the Tammy Stellanova Comics table (O-13). I'll have non-Magic comics and t-shirts for sale too (read more about that here) and my cool pal Tammy will be selling her excellent art items as well.

And once you're done basking in my presence, be sure to take advantage of your chance to interact with the whopping 21 Magic card artists in attendance.

2 more sleeps 'til San Diego!

1 comment:

  1. These are awesome tokens! If you see me at San Diego Comic Con in the Marriott Magic gaming area doing my Vintage Challenge, I will show you all 7!