October 04, 2012

Going Back to Ravni

Please forgive my lack of studio polish. I am pretty much yelling into a tin can connected to my laptop with string. And now, without further ado, Rise of the ELDRZA AKA InkweLL Cool J presents ...


(Note for my age-deprived fans: this is a parody of LL Cool J's old school jam "Going Back to Cali." Look it up.)

Going back to Ravni, Ravni, Ravni
I'm going back to Ravni ... ca, I don't think so.

I'm going back to Ravni, Ravni, Ravni
I'm going back to Ravni ... ca, I don't think so.

Going back to Ravni, the city, so gritty
no itty-bitty shred of pity, on these mean streets
Two-fers of mana, supposed to choose a guild
But for now I’mma stay a free agent
Cause there’s ladies in the Senate and the Barracks and the Sewers and I’m pleased
to make their acquaintance
KABOOM spells are flowin, keyrunes tappin
Swervin to dodge that mana-screw
Speech is slurred, summon a bird
Drop a shock and take 2.


I’m going back to Ravni, samplin em, tramplin em
Rampin em to drops they never before hit
In the garden of the Conclave, tree roots squirm
Where the dryads wink, then populate a wurm
Like a prison term, Azorius, she’s drainin
Motionin, fili-busterin, detainin
I met her at the Swarm, to scavenge up some hugs
I want her bod, Jarad, but I don’t want your bugs.


I’m going back to Ravni, blasting, surpassing
casting all my charms, all three modes
Her smile - leered; type - weird
She said, she liked, steam.
She showed me a chain, mocked my pain
and unleashed a devilish scream.
Now I thought I was sick, but this girl was sicker
She’s lustin for arterial spray
I said, “Let’s park,” ignited my spark
and planeswalked the hell away.