March 20, 2013

Candy or dirt?

There's a run-off vote between Enchantment and Land in You Make The Card. Make an informed decision:
I'll level with you: this is what we in showbiz call "tongue-in-cheek." I actually LOVE lands. I still get a thrill every time I thumb to a non-basic in a pack. On the other hand, my absolute favorite cards are grievous enchantments like Grave Pact, Manabarbs, and Underworld Dreams. But I believe that for YMTC there will be more entertainment to be had on the enchantment route. Sorry, Land!


  1. I'm hoping for a card called Magical Christmas Land, which can be either.

  2. Hi! Just saw this via MTG Daily and love both this and the rest of your blog! Great drawings and v. funny!