August 30, 2010

Dream big, little Jace.

little Jace

Even the mightiest of planeswalkers has to start somewhere. Based on Ryan Pancoast's original Mind Control card art.

And in unrelated news, I got a bunch of these plant token business cards printed up real nice:

biz card


  1. Cards were printed by

  2. Your tokens rock! The plant token is great! Id absolutely play with them, if i played Khalani Garden! But since i play Grave Titan, could you please make a zombie token? And i lol'd at little jace with his very first mind control, xD!

  3. Another witty piece. Very cool. I'm going to try and take some tokens to FNM.

  4. Took those plant tokens to FNM, they is awesome (even though it's a piece of printed paper slipped in front of the card.

  5. Thanks dude! Also, make some proxies in your style, that would be kickass.