August 12, 2010

Let's split!

Just a quick custom ooze token update here. The idea originated with some Comic-con nachos.


Slime photo

Get the printable PDF, make like an ooze and split.


  1. You should make one card as a puzzle piece, so when it dies, you can just pop them out of each other!

  2. There's something both endearing and disturbing about those oozes...sounds about right :)

  3. You should buy yourself a corner rounder punch. They're pretty cheap and would really give your tokens that last little bit of polish...

  4. Thanks guys!

    Sky, that is indeed a great idea! A pair of interlocking tokens.

    Ed K, that is a good call. Even without a corner rounder punch I could be less lazy about cutting these out and actually use a round corner stencil to guide my knife/scissors.

  5. I too love the looter. Excellent stuff. I am still referencing the "bash brothers" 'toon every time one of those guys gets mentioned.